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  • Tapioca Starch
  • 1108.14.00
  • C27H48O20
  • White Crystalline Powder
  • 9057-07-2
  • Cassava Starch
  • 380 @ 50 kg PP/PE bag
    19 MT / 20'FCL
    720 @ 25kg PP/PE bags
    18 MT/20'FCL
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Brief Overview

Starch is obtained naturally through extraction from the grain or root of cassava, a root vegetable. It is often commercially sold in the form of a dry powder and its grade varies based on the type of application it is being used for. However, often it is used in the food industry due to the lack of certain properties that are needed in other industries.


Manufacturing Processes

Production of tapioca starch can be separated into 3 different stages, namely preparation and extraction, purification and water removal. In the preparation and extraction process, the cassava roots are washed and peeled, whereby the pulp is strained with the addition of water. Subsequently, purification of the extracted starch is carried out using the process of sedimentation and centrifugation. The last stage involves the removal of water which is carried out through drying.

Adhesive and Glue Industry

Tapioca Starch is popular in the adhesive industry due to its appreciable binding capacity due to its high viscosity sticky properties when mixed with water or certain chemicals.


Food Industry

It is used to reduce manufacturing costs because of its efficiency as a thickener. It is also used to delay the melting of ice cream.


Textile Industry

It is used in thread process in order to reduce friction and fraying. It is also used to increase flexibility of the thread generated.


Other applications

In the paper industry, it is used to increase the elasticity and concentration of the paper before the pulp is pressed into sheets.

Tapioca Starch Suppliers – Tradeasia International

Driven by the idea of providing top-quality Tapioca Starch for our customers, we at Tradeasia International aim to organize and offer top-notch Tapioca Starch that widely used in several industries such as:


  • In the food industry, as a nutrient, because it can fulfill the nutritional value of industrial products because of the substantial amount of protein, lipids, vitamins are present.

  • In the laundry industry, as a stretching agent before ironing shirts and garments.

  • In the textile industry to reduce friction and fraying of tread and increase flexibility at the same time.

  • Adhesive and glue industry because of its sticky property with high viscosity in the presence of water.

  • In the production of biodegradable products such as bags.


What Makes Us Best Tapioca Starch Suppliers

Tradeasia is fulfilling the needs of many international and national companies by offering premium quality of the raw component, which is prepared by professionals. We are a leading Tapioca Starch Suppliers that serve the purpose of many of our clients, at budget-friendly rates. Paired up with our comprehensive supply capability, We are one of the best Tapioca Starch Suppliers based in South East Asia. Tradeasia International tends to make sure that the desired product is delivered within the given time frame without compromising on the quality at all.


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